Saturday, March 29, 2008

another busy week

hi all,
i hope everyone is doing well and had a wonderful Easter. thalia enjoyed her first easter with chris' family. she got her first chocolate bunny too. of course chris will probably eat it for her!! easter was our first time back to church which was a little daunting but all survived. and of course there was a line to see our little one. it really was quite a sight! we kept her in her car seat and chris acted as security while all these people shoved and pushed to get a glimpse of her. what a scene! it was definitely nice to be back at church and how encouraging it was to see all the people who already love thalia and are willing to help us with whatever we need...especially if it involves holding the baby! (don't worry yiayia...there will be plenty of holding for you when you come back!)
thalia got to spend more time with her aunts and uncles this week. they enjoy it as much as she does. she is really starting to lock her eyes with yours and i think she is starting to recognize people, which is really incredible. other milestones include amazing head and neck strength. the past couple days she will push her head and shoulders up as she lays on your chest. we really only have to support her when she gets tired. and probably the funniest thing is that she loves to look at the pots that hang in our kitchen. i am not sure why but she will crank her neck around to get a good look if i am standing in a bad spot. her other favorite things to look at are our tall pictures in the family room. she will stare at those for what seems like forever. it really is incredible and amazing watching her develop day to day. and i must say she is getting cuter and cuter by the minute. i left the camera downstairs but i will try to get a new picture up in the next day or two.
chris and i are really looking forward to this upcoming week...our friends matt and regan are bringing their daughter, avery, up from austin to visit. she is three weeks older than thalia and i am looking forward to our first play date!! i'll keep you posted. in the meantime, have a wonderful weekend!
love you all. thanks for all the support, love, and encouragement!
c, c, and t

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