Wednesday, April 2, 2008

time for an update!

look at that! i managed to post more than one blog in a week! i think hell might be freezing over!! we have had a good/adventurous couple of days. chris and i decided to run some errands on monday and didn't think to pack the stroller, so we ended up having to carry thalia in her car seat all around kohl's and linens and things! what a mess. although in our defense, that was the longest errand run we had made with her. all the other ones were quick trips and the stroller would have been more of a nuisance. i guess the bright side is i got to work on building my strength back. then aunt jen and i went out last night - we donated some work clothes to dress for success, a charity that helps women re-enter (or enter, i guess) the workforce. every year they have a "send one suit" week when you can donate your suits or business casual attire at your local Dress Barn, instead of taking it to local dress for success office. the lady that took the clothes at dress barn was a snot though. very rude. oh well. jen and i still did our good deed for the day. then we headed back to kohl's to get something that chris and i had seen but wanted to look for at other stores. wouldn't you know it, there was a 80% off clearance rack of fantastic shirts. i ended up getting three shirts for myself and a wind breaker/spring jacket for chris for under $20!! not bad huh? jen got herself a couple shirts and got uncle walt a sweatshirt. such generosity we had yesterday!!! that trip to kohl's turned out to be more of an adventure than the trip with chris. WARNING: i am about to talk about nursing so if you are a boy and do not want to hear about breastfeeding, i would suggest skipping to the next paragraph. i'll let you know when it is safe! anyway, lately i have been having some issues with engorgement. go figure. i didn't get engorged at the 5 day mark like most women. oh no...i get engorged at the 5 WEEK mark!! the only thing i can figure is that she must be eating more at each feeding and the girls are trying to keep up by making more milk. well, anyway, it has been a pretty painful couple of days and wouldn't you know it, i thought i was going to explode at kohl's. luckily little thalia woke up just in time and i actually nursed her in the fitting room! i never once thought i would do something like that.

BOYS, IT IS SAFE TO READ NOW! well the adventure doesn't stop there. since my daughter is a phillips, after a big meal comes a big potty break. and of course being in public is no deterrent! so in the middle of nursing thalia she lets a HUGE poop go. and of course since i am at a store it is a huge messy disaster that i swear soaked through her clothes as it was coming out! well what is there to do but change her in the fitting room (it seemed the right thing to do after the other thing i did in the fitting room!) and of course she is just SCREAMING so that everyone in kohl's thinks i am a terrible mother and that i am torturing my child. and of course the poop went ALL the way up thalia's back. what a mess!! luckily i had a change of clothes for her in the diaper bag and my life-saver diane gave me these scented garbage bags that come in this cute rubb ducky dispenser so that you don't have to stink up wherever you are with a dirty diaper. well let me just remind you that there are no garbage cans in a fitting room so that poopy diaper went into the scented bag and back into the diaper bag. after that fiasco, thalia didn't want to go back in her car seat (she isn't much of a fan). so i end up carrying her around the store and jen and i load the stroller up with all of our crap! i can't believe it only took thalia 5 weeks to turn me into THAT mom who carries her baby around the mall and uses her stroller as a shopping cart!! ridiculous!!
well that's been our week so far! i have to run because matt, regan and their new baby daughter avery just got here. thalia's first play date!! i'll post pictures of the girls this week!
have a great day! much love and a bit more sleep (thalia slept for 5 hours last night!)
c, c, and t

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