Wednesday, March 5, 2008

success #2!

yay! i finally got my slideshow to work! thanks to everyone who submitted their many pictures of my beautiful baby! i really appreciate it. i can't figure out how to make the pictures bigger but you can get the idea. if there is one in particular you like, send me an email and i can email it to you so you can have it.
things are still getting better everyday. yiayia is still a blessing. it will be tough when she leaves, not just because she has been helping with the baby, but because we have gotten to spend so much time together. but she will be back in april for aunt nikki's graduation and wedding and then thalia and i are heading to albuquerque for memorial day.
other than that we are just laying low, getting some rest, and changing diapers! oh the joys of parenthood! i couldn't ask for more - i love being a mommy.
oh, and a special shout out to annie mou for my fantastic midnight feeding care package! what an incredible and welcomed gift! you are the best.
gotta run! dinner time

love c, c, and t

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Wiechman Family said...

If you tell everyone to click on the slideshow it will get bigger! I think by 6 weeks I felt like a pro :) Each day gets easier and easier... she sure is cute! I had to laugh because Grace and Thalia share two same outfits :) xo... Schmidty :)