Tuesday, March 18, 2008

so sorry

hey everyone,
i am sorry it has been a week with no updates! how cruel am i?! actually not cruel...more likely sleep deprived. although on that front we have had a couple really great nights in a row!! lately she stays awake from 2am until 3am but other than that she sleeps for 2-3 hours and only wakes up to nurse. last night she slept closer to four hours at a time! yay!!! she still isn't sleeping full-time in her bassinet but i am experimenting with some things during the day that might help that, like having her nap on her back instead of on her little newborn lounger pillow thing. we will see if that helps. chris and i think she just really doesn't like sleeping flat on her back. (are we surprised she is high maintenance really?!)

other than that, chris has been doing a great job lately. he has been changing more diapers and staying up with her at night. the other night they bonded as he looked through LEGO's website and showed her all the cool sets they make.

thalia's aunts and uncles-to-be have been coming over a lot to play with her which has been really great. it gives me a bit of a break as they fight over who gets to hold her, and i get some adult conversation. not a bad deal. another GREAT deal is that some people from our church have offered to bring us dinner twice a week! it really does help out, especially since chris has a lot of shows coming up in the next couple months. it's not easy - or safe! - to try and cook something on the stove while holding a baby.

okay, enough stalling...here are some new pictures for your enjoyment. have a great weekend! go dawgs!!

thalia and her playmat

daddy's princess

thalia's custom headphones from matt

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