Monday, March 3, 2008


okay, so i have been having some problems getting the slide show to work but i am trying to figure it out. hopefully it will be up by this afternoon.
the success part comes in that last night thalia spent the whole night in her bassinet!!! most of that success came from chris and i not falling asleep on the couch until 3am - but still last night was the first night i got to spend the whole night in my entire bed. now if we can get thalia to sleep through the night!! (yeah right, i know!) but she slept for 3.5 hours at a time which i think is a great start! and i think she is going to set the record for youngest baby to roll over because she is already trying to get her hips turned around when i change her diaper. (ps...thank god for yiayias because we had quite the diaper episode this morning and yiayia was gracious enough to help change thalia! what would i do without her?!)
after a weekend filled with visitors and low on naps, all three of us girls are looking forward to a more relaxed monday and hopefully some much needed rest! slideshow to come though - i promise.
hope you have a great week!
love c, c, and t (and yiayia too!)

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