Monday, March 10, 2008

first family photo at home!

well, today is a sad we say goodbye to yiayia and papou. yes, my mom is actually leaving us and flying back to albuquerque. it will be tough for everyone but we will survive! plus they will be back in a bit for nikki's graduation and wedding...though that isn't for like 6 weeks. i am under strict orders to send pictures of thalia every day so my mom doesn't miss anything. and you may have some fun stories to read on here now that chris and i are on our own. i think we'll be okay though. i don't know what i am going to do with the silence. we had so many people in town this weekend for nikki's bridal shower! aunt jillian and aunt jenny and all sorts of grandmas!! grandma diane, and grandma martha, and yiayia, and great grandma (or if you ask her). so much love given to thalia this weekend, i hope she doesn't go into withdrawl! good thing we have grandma donna around to love on her all the time!
anyway, here is a new picture for everyone...our first family picture at home. i think we are a darn good looking family, if i do say so myself :o)
much love and little sleep! c, c, and t

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