Thursday, February 28, 2008


i am so sorry i havent put a picture of thalia up here! i think i deserve some slack though! ;o) here are a bunch from grandma donna. when yiayia gets back with my camera i will put more up.

things are going pretty well. she doesn't sleep much at night which has been tough but i know everyone goes through that. we had our first checkup yesterday and unfortunately thalia was still pretty jaundice and she had lost about 5 oz since discharge. so we had to go get her heel pricked :o(. she was a trooper though. her bilirubin was elevated but not high enough to re-admit her to the hospital. we had to go check it again today and it had come down slightly. we'll see what the doc says tomorrow when we go for her weight check. she has been eating better the past day or so though.

yiayia has been a tremendous help the past few days. we are very lucky and blessed to have her here for a few weeks!

okay, enough updates...on to the pictures...

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