Tuesday, February 12, 2008

it's official!

chris and i are officially ready to be parents!! ha! yeah right. but we did take our childbirth prep class on saturday, so that makes us slightly more officially ready. i am just glad that the baby didn't come before the class!! most of the stuff we already knew but there was some new stuff we learned. i was glad that we decided to take the class but 7 hours of sitting did not help my back, let me tell you! i guess the silver lining is that sitting in the class basically put me on disability a day or two sooner than i was planning. darn! ;o)

i had my checkup yesterday and everything is going fine. my doctor was slightly surprised that i was having somewhat frequent contractions, but they aren't strong enough to make serious progress yet. plus my body isn't quite ready if you catch my drift. but i am starting to dilate which at least is some progress. although now i think i have my mom a little nervous that i am going to go into labor before she and my dad get out here. but they are coming next monday and i seriously doubt that i will go into labor before then. although i did go with chris to the gym this morning and walked for a while. if nothing else, maybe gravity will help get the baby in the right place. i must admit that after nine months of not working out, even just walking for a half hour felt really great. i really miss working out...hopefully i will be able to get back into the swing of things after the baby gets here. yes, i realize most of you are laughing about the slim chance i have of having extra time to work out. but there are some things i can do at home that i am looking forward to trying. i'll keep you posted.

other than that, chris and i are getting some stuff done around the house this week and then my parents come next week and then my due date comes at the end of next week! i can't believe it is almost here already!!!

well, keep your fingers crossed that the baby comes soon, but not so soon that my mom and dad miss it! i promise a new belly pic and an update soon. have a great day!!

love, c, c, and bp

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