Tuesday, February 19, 2008

notes from the under belly

so i first must apologize for not having updated you in a week. i know this is my usual MO, but lots and lots has happened this week. i guess that's why i haven't written - we have been that busy. here are some things i have learned in the midst of all this foolishness:
1) it is probably not a good idea to go bowling if you are nine months pregnant (yes, it's true...i got second place on the second game!)
2) nesting has now expanded to include trying to reorganize all the music files on iTunes (i scrolled and clicked for so long that my right hand swelled up and i couldn't hardly bend my index finger!)
3) my mom is wonderful (for too many reasons to list here)

so let's review what has happened lately. chris and i made a cast of my belly! it turned out super great!! i'll take a picture of it once i paint it. chris did a great job and it was kind of fun. steph and my mom are supposed to henna my belly tonight but so far they are making cookies. i'll keep my fingers crossed but won't hold my breath.
my parents got into town on monday evening and have been so super helpful around the house. i am so glad and relieved to have them here. and i should have the baby before my dad has to leave which makes me pretty happy. see why...
i had my check up on monday. originally the doctor wanted me to just come back in next monday if i hadn't gone into labor yet and she would schedule an induction for sometime next week. she was concerned about the induction failing, making a c-section necessary. i told her i understand the risks but i have been having so many problems with my back that i thought i was worth the risk. for example, chris and i went out with steph, nikki and the boys the other day and i had to stand up half way through dinner because my back hurt so bad. i didn't work last week and that didn't help nearly as much as i expected/hoped it would. so my doc thought about it some more and decided that she would try to induce me later in the day this friday. well, it turns out the latest the hospital will allow inductions on fridays is 9am. surprisingly the doc still agreed to do it. she doesn't seem very confident that it will work but i think it will. plus the red wings play at 9pm on friday so that gives me motivation to get her into the world so she can watch her first wings game with my dad and me!! but either way i will be a mommy by the end of the weekend!

we definitely "nested" today! we got so much done it was ridiculous!! we finished putting the nursery together - pictures to come, for sure. we sterilized the bottles and pacifiers. my dad built my glider and the baby's new bookshelf. chris reorganized some of the kitchen counters. my dad and i got the car seat bases installed. it really was crazy. hopefully all this activity will get things moving soon. i would love to go into labor before friday morning. guess we'll just have to wait and see.

well, i guess that's it. like i said, i'll take a picture of the nursery and put it up here. along with my henna belly if we get it done. also, not to worry, but chris and i are bringing my laptop and our camera to the hospital so i will be able to post pictures when she gets here. deal?

oh, steph said she is ready to henna. toodles for now! more to come for sure.

love c, c, and bp

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