Friday, February 1, 2008

false alarm

so chris and i spent a majority of the middle of the day on thursday in the hospital. sorry that i didn't sugarcoat that for you :o) turns out babies don't really like when their mom's have 102 degree fevers, and neither does the mom's uterus. when we got to the hospital my heartrate was 130 and my blood pressure was all over the place...100/38, 84/49, 90/48. it stabilized around 90/50 after a couple hours. the baby's heartrate was in the upper 170s. normally it is supposed to be between 120 and 150. so i got hooked up to some monitors and got a huge surprise when the resident told me i was having pretty regular contractions. luckily for me i couldn't feel most of them. i guess its pretty common for the uterus to contract when the mom is dehydrated and has such a high fever. so they hooked me up to some iv fluids and gave me some tylenol (since that is pretty much the only thing i can take!) the doctor kind of freaked chris and i out a little bit when he said the nurse would do a pelvic exam to see if i was dilated and that if i was they would admit me!! luckily (or unfortunately, if you ask chris) the hydration did stop the contractions - i was only dilated to a 1 anyway. once the baby's heartrate came down they discharged me and told me to keep taking the tylenol and drinking lots of fluids.
so everything was okay for a little while. but then around 730 or so last night my fever spiked again and we had run out of tylenol. luckily aunt jen and uncle wj had some so wj ran it over to me (thank god for family that lives in your subdivision!!) because jen is sick with what chris and i have. so the entire phillips' clan has come down with and passed around the flu essentially. what a close family!! (it's really all grandpa mark's fault!!)
on the bright side, my fever is not nearly as high as it was yesterday. and i put a new picture up of me and auntie hadi from my shower a couple weeks ago. chris and i are both still pretty sick but hopefully two days off of work (i would have been snowed in today anyway actually) and relaxing all weekend will help. so keep us all in your prayers that we can get better soon and that i don't go into labor with whatever this virus is that i have because i don't think labor is going to be easy on its own, let alone when i can't breathe.
hope you had a better week than we did!! love you all!

c, c, and bp

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