Wednesday, February 6, 2008

no worries

so everything is fine. my checkup was somewhat anti-climactic, but i am learning that no news really is good news when you are pregnant. my ob hooked me up to a monitor for about half an hour and the baby's heartrate was fine and her movements were good. i am still having the beginning of contractions but they aren't regular yet so i am still not in labor...though i promise to keep you all posted. the other good news is that my ob said she would fill out the paperwork next week for me to stay home from work for the last week or so, since i have been having so many problems with my back. so it's back to the doctor next monday to check on my progress. now it remains a waiting game.
like i said, i promise to keep you all posted. wish us luck this weekend - our childbirth class is saturday (nothing like waiting until the last minute huh?!) i'll let you know how it goes.
have a good day!
c, c, and bp

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