Tuesday, January 22, 2008

whew again!

what a whirlwind january has become! it seems like there is always something going on!
my parents were in town for my baby shower this weekend - what a blast! the girls got to have some wonderful lunch at peking house and bp got some fantastic gifts! i must say thank you to everyone who attended for such thoughtful and gracious gifts! and the books are so fantastic! now chris and his dad just have to hang my shelves in the nursery so i have somewhere to put them all! pictures will be coming soon, once my wonderful friends email them to me. hey, pregnancy brain = forgetting to bring a camera to one's shower. my bad!

speaking of chris and his dad, they, along with my dad and toby and barrett and my bro-in-law wj had a little "man shower" of their own and put a wall up in the basement. its a very small start to finishing the basement but it looks great, and once the drywall is mudded, we can set our bar up down there and actually use it! fancy that.

now its tuesday, though, and everyone has gone home. elizabeth and sophie made it back to colorado with susie and jess, and yiayia and papou made it back to albuquerque. speaking of elizabeth and sophie, here is a great pic that chris took for them to send to dustin overseas...

aren't they adorable?! we had such a good time having them stay with us. and sophia loved chris! she would just smile and laugh whenever he played with her. (good practice, right?)

oh, i had a checkup today...everything is going fine. i am still gaining weight at a good rate. my doc says the baby is probably 5 1/2 to 6 lbs right now. she did a quick ultrasound to make sure the baby is getting into the righ position, which she is. so now we just get to wait for her arrival. i have another check up in 2 weeks and then after that it will be every week until i go into labor. i am hoping to go a little early but yiayia has made it very clear that i am to keep my knees together until she returns next month. i guess i'll do my best.

sorry for the rambling...blame it on pregnancy brain and an internet connection that is suffering from it too! pics and more updates to come. love you all!

c and bp

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