Sunday, January 13, 2008

as promised

sunday night still counts as the weekend right? well, as promised, you will notice a new belly picture to your right. i decided to spare you the sight of my nude belly this time...its getting to the point where it isn't cute any more, just big and blech! only a few more weeks to go though.

in case you were wondering, chris has made it to north carolina. he will be heading home tomorrow with elizabeth and sophia - we are super excited to meet her! we'll see how excited chris is to have our baby when he gets out of the car after spending 12 hours with her!!

i hope you have a great week. prayers for me if you don't mind - i had a really rough week last week and was sick every day again. this week work is better but lots of family stuff going on. so prayers that i take it as easy as i can and stuff gets done that needs to get done.

love you all!
c and bp

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