Wednesday, January 30, 2008

definitely getting to the end

well i have officially reached the point in my pregnancy where i am uncomfortable more than comfortable and i am ready to be done with this whole huge belly thing. i have just over three weeks left and i am not setting myself up to go into labor any earlier, but the countdown has definitely begun. i do have my checkup next week and i am hoping that i have made some sort of progress without knowing it, but again, i am not holding my breath.
on top of just being uncomfortable in general, i have also reached the point in my pregnancy where i am not sleeping at all. everyone keeps telling me that that is nature's way of preparing me for having the baby. if i were mother nature, i would have women at the end of their pregnancy sleep all the time so they could store up their rest for when they don't get any. maybe i will try to start taking naps when i get home from work.
sorry to continue my little pity party, but that's what happens when you are sore all the time and you haven't slept in days. the past few days i have been feeling really lousy. i don't know if this is just part of being pregnant or if i am coming down with some nasty bug. chris' mom and dad were both super sick over the weekend and now chris is in bed with a fever and chills...which basically means it is heading my way. but my lousiness is a little different. i just hope its not the flu. i did get my flu shot. maybe chris will have to start sleeping on the couch.
i am still waiting for hadiatu to send me some pics from my shower last week so i can put a new belly picture up. maybe if chris is still coherent when i get home from work today i will have him take one.
i'll keep you posted on flu-watch and my check up next week. i hope your week is going better than ours! love you all

c, c, and bp

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