Thursday, January 17, 2008

things they don't tell you...

no worries, i won't write anything really gross or anything! just a few things i noticed this week that people don't really tell you are hazards of pregnancy.
first, being pregnant and wearing maternity tops leave you very vulnerable to cold winds! because the shirts are bigger in the front and they hang over your belly, i have been the victim of many a cold drafts up my jacket and up my shirt. brr!!
second, i made a HUGE mess on my bathroom counter and floor the other day because i have gotten to the point where my belly is so big that i have to adjust how i lean over the sink to wash my face! what used to get my face over the sink now only gets it half over the sink. so instead of splashing water on my face and into my sink, the water landed all over my shirt and all over the floor! what a wreck i am becoming!!

anyway, chris, elizabeth and sophia (and the dog, but just barely) made it safely back to michigan. they didn't get in until 4 am on tuesday but they made it. sophia had a little bit of a hard time adjusting to her new surroundings but she is doing great now! chris has been playing with her a lot and it is too precious! even after 14 hours in the car he is really smitten with her. although they are probably heading to chris' gram's house tonight since elizabeth's mom and sister are coming in tonight. we shall see though. its been great having them stay with us.

my parents are coming back into town this weekend too which i am really looking forward to. then i have a check up the beginning of next week. i promise to keep you posted! only 5 weeks left!!!

have a great day and weekend!
love c, c, and bp

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Wiechman Family said...

Here are a couple of things that nobody told me about... and boy I wish they did :) When my water broke... it was a flood that never stoped... when I was walking into the hospital I left puddles all the way into the labor room (that could happen to you)... and its not the best feeling either... it's like weting your pants and you can't stop :) Also, if you have a vaginal birth, you get to wear some lovely underwear... you just wait :) Oh and I have I told you that epiderals (sp) are the BEST thing EVER!