Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Updates and pics

well the past week has flown by (again!)!!! so much has happened! first, thalia went to her first mahoney show! she slept through her daddy's live performance but she is proud of him anyway! the music video was fantastic. the guy who did it is going to put it online sometime this week or next and as soon as i get the link, i will let you know. it turned out really professional and super funny! i'm really proud of the guys. they are really standing up for themselves with their booking guy and making sure they get everything they deserve. we'll see how it ends up...

anyway, back to all the goings on. so thalia saw her first mahoney show at 6 weeks old. now THAT is dedication! the guys played down in toledo on friday and grandma and grandpa were kind enough to babysit (twist their arm, right?!) so i could go. it was great to see them play and we brought a bunch of friends down with us. it was like old times...really fun.

saturday we went to visit friends in grand rapids. i didn't realize what a trip that would be! thalia survived her longest car ride of her life but she is now fighting with her car seat and screams every time we put her in there. hopefully that will wear off soon. it was really nice to get back out to gr though and spend time with friends. tiece and rob were kind enough to let us just hang out and relax at their house. unfortunately madisyn was asleep most of the time, but landon was awake and just in awe of the baby. tiece took some really cool pictures of the two of them. i am waiting for her to put them on her blog so i can steal them!

on the baby milestone front, thalia has gotten really good at grabbing on to small things, like hoodie strings and her pacifier bungy. the problem is that now she pulls her binky out all the time and then starts crying! its funny the first time...after that it gets old. speaking of funny, thalia is improving her smile every day. before she would just smile randomly. now you can almost always get her to smile by talking silly to her. she has made a couple people's days too by smiling at them when they talk to her. pretty cool. i'll put a pic below. she is almost laughing too. she gets really excited and almost claps her hands together and lets out this little kind of a sigh. it is too cute. i'll have to see if i can capture it on video or something.
other than that, i am enjoying my last few days of vacation before heading back to work. we have two people (plus grandma) to watch thalia periodically so that the guys can still practice. we are very lucky to have so much support from our family and friends. and speaking of family, yiayia and papou come back to town next week. we are all very excited. the crazy thing is that that means aunt nikki is about to graduate and get married! too crazy. time has flown!

well here are the promised pictures! enjoy!!

much love and more sleep...c, c, and t
taking a nap with uncle barrett. i think she is going for a record of how many people she can take a nap with!

spending time with aunt nikki...(don't mind the scowl!)

how big is thalia? SOOOOOOO big!
best smile so far!

thalia enjoying her "new" swing. we just got it from a children's resale shop and paid $100 less than we would have brand new. let me tell you how awesome swings are! my arms are very excited and not nearly as tired :o)

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Wiechman Family said...

We have that same swing... just wait, soon Thalia will notice the moving birds above her and it is soooooo cute! Amazing I tell you :)