Thursday, April 10, 2008


what a week! we had so much fun hanging out with matt, regan and beautiful avery! the girls had fun too. it was nice getting to talk to someone that is literally going through the same thing you are going through...even being with a musician! it was sad to say goodbye to thalia's first play date but plans are in the works for another playdate - this time down in austin. how fun that will be! thalia is going to be one well-travelled baby by the end of this year!! albuquerque, austin, hawaii, maybe even san diego to see aunt nikki!...not to mention all the weddings she will be attending. guess she is the new social butterfly of the family!
things have been going pretty well since our company left. some days are tough when chris is gone all day and night. he and chris martin have been really busy with band stuff. they are playing a lot of shows and writing a lot of new songs. we are still working on getting their booking agent on the right track but things are looking up on that front too. i actually think that things will get better when i go back to work. i realize it is going to be tough and a new big adjustment, but at least i would be occupied during the day and not just sitting at home by myself. on the other hand, with the weather being nicer for a few days i was able to get out for a couple walks and thalia has been running errands with me. i am a pro at whipping out my stroller now - even one handed!
well that's all the ramblings for now. kristy is on her way over and we are going to the michigan theater for the premiere of mahoney's first music video!! mtv, here they come! i'll let you know how it goes...and i have some more pictures for you soon.
much love and a little more sleep every night! c, c, and t

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