Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Well, its been one amazing Christmas this year! Yiayia and papou got to come into town and stay through toda, which was a wonderful surprise considering they were supposed to leave sunday! we got to take them all around southeastern michigan and visit with tons of family and friends. it was great. we have pretty much gotten to celebrate christmas every day since friday! it has been a lot of fun watching people's reaction to my belly who haven't seen me in a while. luckily, yiayia and aunt nikki picked out some great new maternity clothes for me so i will be all set through the winter as i continue to grow! i will put a new belly picture up later this week.

speaking of pictures...as promised, here is a picture of chris with his beloved hot dog costume/"snowsuit".

if you happen to see chris, explain to him that this is not a snowsuit! here are some more holiday pictures for you too:
this is us with our new jeep stroller (and of course chris' hot dog outfit!) from my gsk work team. thanks guys!

proud yiayia and papou enjoying their visit!
well, that's all for now. time to get ready for more christmas celebration. we wish you a safe and happy holiday!
love, c, c, and bp

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