Monday, December 3, 2007

Random Updates

It's guy's night at my house tonight (monday night football is always a good excuse to really play super nintendo) so I thought I would sit down and give you all some updates on random things. How does that sound?

First, I had my monthly checkup today and everything went fine. I am still gaining weight at a barely acceptable level, but I am gaining. My blood pressure has been close to my pre-pregnancy pressure the entire time. And I measured within the range for 28 weeks (I don't know if you remember but at my last appointment I measured bigger than I should have). I got a shot today because Chris' blood is rh positive and mine is rh negative. It can be a concern during delivery because if the baby's blood is rh positive, my body can start to make antibodies that fight the baby's blood. So the doctor will test the baby's blood after she is born; if she is positive I will get another shot, if she is negative then we are both safe. From now on I have checkups every two weeks. Oh, and I got a bunch of hospital information today (what to pack, where to go, etc.). So I took that as a hint that this baby is coming fairly soon! How crazy to think not only how close we are getting but how quickly the past six months have flown by!

Aside from my checkup, I have been feeling a little better lately. Although now that my stomach issues are settling down, of course something had to take its place: my back is starting to hurt pretty bad. If I sit for too long my ribs begin to ache. Then when I stand up, it takes a while for my back to straighten out and it is pretty sore towards my hips. I feel like an old man who can't stand up straight! I have been going to my chiropractor every month; I may start going more often to see if that helps. And I found some good stretches for moms-to-be so I am going to start doing those twice a day. Hopefully I can manage okay.

Other updates are that we scheduled a tour of the Birthing Center at St. Joe's. I think you can check it out if you want at and then click on Family Birth Center under the Video Tour button. We also registered for our childbirth prep class, but all the classes in January were full so we aren't going until the beginning of February. Hopefully the baby will behave herself and stay put at least until after the class!!

Finally, Chris and I started our baby registry for those of you who have been asking. We have one at Target and one at Babies R Us. You can search for our registries online if you want. (If you notice a lot of green John Deere toys, I bet you know who to talk to about that:o) ).

Well I think that is enough blabbering for now. Time to finish some laundry and head to bed. Have a wonderful week!!

love cb and bp

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