Sunday, November 11, 2007

Basil Update #2 (and a BP Update too)

hey everyone...i hope you all enjoyed your weekend! just wanted to let you know that basil has had two good days in a row! apparently his eyes light up every time andrew and erin go to visit him. they actually have to be careful they don't get him too worked up! so the plan is to leave him at mott's until he fully recovers and gains his strength back. then he will get to go home until his second surgery early next year (i think). so thank you for your prayers. continue to pray that he gets stronger every day and that he can go home soon.

now for a bp update - i think bp is really trying to kick her way out!!! she has flipped around so now she no longer kicks my waistband...SHE KICKS STRAIGHT OUT!! it is remarkable how much my belly moves when she gets going. and i am sure it is only going to get more noticeable as i continue to get bigger! last night chris and i were laying on the couch and he could feel her kicking him! pretty crazy! she has been kicking a ton at night too. i think she is on an opposite schedule than i am. chris has been trying to help out by putting "the law" (his hand) on my belly but lately she just kicks it away. on the very bright side (and on a whole different note) chris and i got a crib and dresser this weekend. a baby store in novi was having a big sale so we haved a couple hundred dollars and it is just what i had pictured! here is the website: click on annabelle. we got the 3 in 1 convertible crib and the 3 drawer changer in espresso. luckily the store will hold it in their warehouse until we get the nursery painted. that is our big goal for november...we'll see if we make it.

well, that's all for now! have a great week!
love c, c, and bp

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