Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Again

I hope you all enjoyed the ultrasound pics...they make me more anxious to see bp in real life! Things are going pretty well for us girls - although bp has been kicking me like crazy lately. Sometimes I am used to it, and sometimes it can get really distracting! But we are managing. I have been trying to get Chris to feel her kicking since she has been doing it so much. Every time he puts his hand on my belly, of course she stops kicking. I told him he obviously didn't have the magic touch - he is trying to convince me that she already knows the hand of authority!! HA! We'll see how that hand of authority works when he holds her for the first time!!
I had a receptionist at one of my offices accuse me of having pregnancy brain know it's bad when other people call you out! So I left my keys in the kitchen - I would have done that when I wasn't pregnant!
I wore my new black pants today. They are more over the belly (most of my other pants are under my belly) so all day I felt like some of these old guys I see at the doctor's with their pants up around their arm pits! It made me laugh when I thought about it...but they don't fall down quite as much.
It seems like everyone else is having their babies this month! Natalie had Kai, Schmidty had Grace, Damon had Emily, Andrew had Basil (fun name huh?!). Now that I am six months it is starting to finally sink in and I am getting more and more excited for the baby to get here. I'll gladly wait the 4 more months (at least I say that now!) but I know its going to get harder and harder to wait for her.
That's all the rambling for now. New belly pic coming soon.
c, c, and bp

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