Thursday, October 25, 2007


so juanitas (the fetus) and i finally made it to auntie steph's house and got her first pics scanned! i know you all have been excited to see her...but you get to listen to me vent first! ha ha
1) shopping for maternity clothes = as much fun as a trip to the dentist...when you are an adult and you don't even get a prize or anything! auntie steph came with me to try and find some work clothes for me (which are really the only maternity clothes i have to wear yet). nothing fits right, or it looks like a tent, or in the odd event that it is cute, they don't have my size! AGH! i did find a cute black wrap-type sweater and a pair of shadow stripe black pants but that was it. bummer for me. i guess i just have to keep rotating the same four shirts! on the bright side, stephie DID find a fantasticly (sp?) adorable fuzzy fleece bunting to bring bp home in. AND it was 55% off! taking after my mom and gram on that one. i think bp got more new clothes than i did yesterday!

2) kroger generic ensure tastes like you are eating the metal can! i have been trying to drink a couple a week to keep my weight gain up, especially with feeling sick again lately. let me tell you...brand name ensure is worth the two extra dollars!

3) don't play chicken with an old lady in a parking lot. someone almost ran me over today as i walked through a crosswalk that had a stop sign in front of it! no offense, gram, but old ladies need to watch out for pregnant ladies when they are driving!!
okay, i am done - on to the pictures...

bp's profile - how cute is she?!

bp is just hanging out upside down...explains why she always kicks my bladder!

this is bp's halloween skull/grateful dead picture. look out for that fist though!

i hope you guys enjoy these. more belly pics to come, i promise!

gnight! love c and juanitas


WJ&JL said...

Uncle Walt says, "Eat Kroger brand cereal, it never tastes like the box!" :)

Baby's Daddy said...

only REAL cereal is good for you