Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Not my fault!

I have so many pictures to share, but I can't let another day go by without showing you this one!!
My little princess, enjoying her OWN seat in first class on the way back from Detroit! I usually get bumped up to first class since I flew so much over the past 18 months going back and forth from RDU to DTW. We got bumped up on the way up to Michigan, but there was someone next to us (sidebar - for last weekend, Thalia's birthday was 5/23...ha!). On the way back down, no one sat next to us. So she climbed in, buckled herself and her new mouse (courtesy of uncle barrett and aunt steffi. uncle toby asked if it was a girl or a boy, to which Thalia replied 'it's a mouse.' Too precious!!!) in, sipped some complimentary water and had a snack. Not a bad way to go for a two year old. Look at her smile! She was loving it!

Now, don't go thinking this is all my fault, spoiling her. I'm pretty sure that papou and uncle ronnie are the real instigators of all of us girls having high tastes and expectations!

More pics to come, including the lovely cupcakes I helped decorate! Tiece, you would be so proud!

much love and lots of sleep (if i could just get to sleep),
c, c, and t

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Leticia said...

Thalia looks so old! I can't wait to see LD and Thalia playing together next time we see you! Can't wait to see the cupcakes too :) Miss you!!!