Saturday, May 1, 2010

just for fun (aka lots of pictures)

after being gone for a whole week in phoenix and dallas, chris took off to chicago for this past week. needless to say, it's been a pretty tough week. work always seems to be worse when chris is gone. anyway, i've realized from having this blog for so long that posting pictures of my (usual) angel makes me feel better, so it can't hurt you guys any :o)
a few weeks ago, we got to go to the gsk suite at the last home hurricanes game of the season. it was fan appreciation night (since the hurricanes stunk this year) and as a thank you for all the support, every fan got a cool hat...even thalia! so this is the three of us at the game. thalia did so good - she loves hockey! couldn't possibly be in her blood huh?
we went to the park with our church for lunch
we finally let thalia open her potato head set. this is her design!
this is how she wanted to go to was 65 degrees but she wanted her bucket hat with her mittens
while i was in dallas, chris happened to find a parking lot fair that had a fire truck. so thalia got a hat and got to "drive" the truck. she talked about it for days after.
kristy and uncle martin have been coming over a lot, and thalia loves swinging with kristy.
in addition to her love of hockey and coffee ice cream, thalia also shares her dad's love for slushes, which we of course have taught her to call slurpees
for as many frustrating things we have had to deal with with this house, i am really happy to have the playset in the backyard.
aunt susie and jess came to visit, and they spoiled thalia to no end! i love this picture of the girls though.
more pictures to come. i have a bunch i forgot about from easter, plus some funny videos of thalia.
much love and little sleep (don't ask)
c, c, and t

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