Tuesday, March 23, 2010


i know...i'm fired. i have an excuse, but i'm not sure you'll buy it :o) we've taken so many great pictures of thalia over the past three weeks. i keep waiting to update the blog until i can get around to posting pictures. but i've been so busy that i haven't had time to get them off the camera. so i'll give you the most important picture, that is already a month late. and then when i get back home, i'll put up a slideshow with all the pictures.
growing up -
here is thalia's 2 year picture with her hippo. can you believe how big she is?! and look how long her hair is! she has been such a funny little person lately. but if you tell her she's funny (or whatever other attribute you choose) she'll scowl at you and say "no! i'm a girl!" it is so adorable!
check up -
we took thalia for her 2 year check up. she is still a little peanut: 34.5 inches tall and almost 24lbs, putting her in the 10th percentile for both. i was concerned about her falling so quickly in height but the PA wasn't concerned.
work up -
work has been so busy. i have been traveling a ton. and chris has been doing a great job with thalia while i've been gone. they actually came and met me in boston last weekend. we had such a fun time! we walked ALL OVER boston; we saw curious george at the children's museum; we saw a farmer's market explode; we had the best dessert ever; we went to the park! we got some good pictures that i'll put in a slide show. it was really nice just spending some time together with nothing to do but have fun :o)
seat up -
thalia has started "potty training". i put it in quotes because it's been quite a funny start. they help her try to go potty at school when she's there. so when she's at home, she'll say she wants to poop on the potty. so we run to the bathroom, take off her diaper, sit her on the potty. this is where it gets funny. she'll push really hard, of course nothing will happen (although sometimes she toots) and then she'll say "all done!" so potty training for thalia is trying to toot while sitting on the potty. i haven't decided yet if i am frustrated or think its funny. usually i think its funny.
those are most of my updates...all the ones with "up" that i can think of anyway. i'll have more with some of the pictures. it doesn't look like things are going to calm down any time soon, but i promise to do more updates.
we love and miss you all so much. i always get the most homesick when i am traveling. seeing gamma and gampa the other day didn't help either! while it was great to have them over for the weekend, it was really hard to have them leave.
back to sitting in a dark room and watching through one-way glass.
much love and some sleep,
c, c, and t

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