Thursday, March 25, 2010

more ups

i remembered more "up" stories!
moving up -
thalia has moved up to the 2 year old class at school. this isn't her first adjustment to a new room, but i was a sobbing mess anyway ;o) mostly because when we dropped her off, they didn't have any breakfast left for her. then my brave little trooper sat down at the table to eat (they eventually tracked down the cook who gave her breakfast). well apparently they have assigned seats in that room, and thalia unknowingly sat in this one girl's seat. this little (i use the term lightly) girl towered over thalia. i was so concerned that thalia was going to get pushed around :o( but now i guess the two of them are good friends, and thalia is fitting in just great. her new teachers really like her (of course). the only problem is that not all of the kids nap, so we've been having a cranky thalia on school days. hopefully it will get better.

finishing up -
we've finally gotten most of the house completely repainted! Actually, it's been repainted for a bit of time but i never got around to posting pictures. you may remember the kitchen was still yellow in the first picture i posted. now it's this great sage-y green. it looks like a whole different place! i love it.
i also love how our bedroom turned out. this room was alos yellow, with a maroon-ish accent wall. it made the room like so tiny. now that we painted the accent wall this little blue color, it's really opened up that wall. plus, i really love our new bedroom furniture!
all that's left now is touching up the bathroom downstairs and painting our water closet. nothing major there though.
i'll have to go take a picture of the swingset outside this weekend. when gamma and grampa were here, grampa and chris fixed it up. we still need to get a new swing, but i'm feeling better about its safety for thalia.

lightening up -
many of you (maybe) know that i have been growing my hair out to donate it to locks of love. i did this when i was pregnant with thalia and haven't really cut my hair since then. lately, it has just been on my last nerve. it is so thick, and would take so long to dry in the morning. plus thalia started playing with it. so i had had it...and i finally got to the salon and had it cut...
11 inches later...
i like it...although it is taking some getting used to. at least it doesn't take as long for me to get ready in the morning!
speaking of getting ready, i have to bounce to work. i'll get the slide show up this weekend hopefully.
much love and better sleep,
c, c, and t

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Beck73 said...

I love the bedroom.What is the name of the accent wall color? I'm going crazy choosing colors! Thnkas and good job!