Saturday, November 21, 2009

my own baby einstein

today thalia counted to 10

maybe that's not spectacular to some of you folks...but to me, that is wicked awesome! i mean, she's not even two! maybe lots of kids can count to ten before they are two...but i'm still impressed! we were putting her crayons away and i got the brilliant "teachable moment" idea to count the crayons as we put them in their bag. i started saying "one, two, three..." and thalia would repeat the number i said. then after four, she started counting and i repeated. all the way to 10!! then of course we had to show off to martha momma...and she's been counting to 10 the rest of the day!
earlier this week, thalia and i got to stay home from school and work because she had a fever. while i was on my computer, thalia pulled all her books from the table onto her lap:
(i love her ponytail in this pic!)

the following day, thalia was running around uncle ronnie's chair and she tripped on her new shoes. she planted her face right into the corner of this same couch...not only into the corner, but this couch as rivets up and down the arms. if you look close, you can see a round bump on her eyebrow, a round bump on her left cheek, a cut on her nose, and if she didn't have her paci in a fat lip :o( she was fine...apparently the next day at school, she was a little chatterbox - despite a banged up face and hardly sleeping that night.
finally, last weekend we got to spend time with elizabeth and sophie. we went to a craft show where martha momma had her jewelry ( and then we found a Steak n Shake for lunch! even better...the girls got to eat for free!! although i was a bit disappointed to see they no longer have triple berry ala mode. thalia wasn't in a super good mood, as you can see: but she put her steak n shake hat on and had mac and cheese and applesauce. applesauce is thalia's current favorite food AND word. she says it all the time. applesauce and orange. the other day i said "what can i do for you?" and her response was "applesauce?" unfortunately, chris and i have had to literally deposit every dollar and penny into our checking account for our closing on monday, so we are out of applesauce. i'm such a bad mother! ;o)
i hope you all are having a great weekend. this past week has been one of the hardest in my life...but God has brought us through, and i think everything is really finally going to work out. we found out at 445pm friday that we were cleared for closing on monday. nothing like the last minute! chris should be on his way down any minute. he stayed in michigan for his great-grandma's 100th birthday party. thalia and i were really sad we couldn't be there...hopefully chris gave our love to everyone. if you were there and you didn't get loved on, you let me know and i'll smack him :o) happy birthday grandma touse! what an amazing life you have lived! thank you for your love and your humor!
wish us luck as we finish out this month of craziness. thank you for your prayers and love and thoughts. you are ever so appreciated!

much love and hope for more sleep,
c, c, and t

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