Friday, April 3, 2009

sad day...

today was thalia's last day at her daycare :o( her center is closing next week, and chris is taking her back to michigan with him on monday. so today was her last day with her dear teacher, ms. alice... thalia loved her ms. alice...she went right to her every morning and could always get ms alice to laugh. ms alice took great, great care of my little one and we will miss her dearly. i have her email address though, so i think i may set up some playdates with ms alice, thalia and her little friend kelsey. speaking of kelsey, she and thalia are switching to the same new daycare. it is only a few dollars more a week, which i think is very much worth having the two of them stay together.
ms alice got thalia a few going away gifts, so to show ms alice how grateful i am for her, i made her this... the funny thing is that i bought the wrong kind of marker, so it wouldn't dry! even overnight!! so yesterday morning i ran to lowe's (thank goodness it opens at 7am!!!) and bought a can of clearcoat spray paint. luckily it worked great, so the notes on the front and back of the vase won't rub off. hey, my friend leticia may be able to create beautiful cakes, but i think i can put together some pretty good floral arrangements and gift baskets!! maybe tiece and i should go into business together!...may require us to live in the same state though ;o)
by the way, thalia has cut THREE new teeth, not two. now she has three on the bottom all in a row, and two on the top with a space between them. it is so funny looking. the good news is that after almost a week of not sleeping, thalia has slept through the night the past two nights in a row! and even better, thalia's daddy flew in for the weekend and tomorrow we are heading to the lake for a picnic lunch with elizabeth and cousin sophia! eat your hearts out phillips/krugers!! :oP
much much much love and more sleep,
c, c, and t

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