Friday, April 17, 2009

calming down...

so i spoke with the director at thalia's new school, and her new teacher, and i feel better about her being there. i will be keeping my eye out though! especially because her finger looks awful...she got pinched where her finger bends, so the scab keeps opening :o( i think she will survive though. it was funny though because i told my marketing team about the whole ordeal and two of them have kids, and they flipped out! "do you need to leave right away to go take care of this?!" it made me feel good knowing they care about thalia. but like i said, after talking to the director i feel better about the whole thing.
to send us happily in to the weekend, here are some inital easter pics, as well as a funny grampa pic from gamma. as soon as i get back to michigan, i will post the ones i took. enjoy!
grampa is reading the boys' favorite book..."everybody poops" their expressions are priceless!
that's chris' old easter basket!
thalia behaving... and misbehaving
this is one of my new favorites
can someone tell me who my daughter looks like? especially in the two with madilynn, i have a hard time figuring it out.
we got to spend last night with martha mama and uncle ronnie. they got her a huge easter bunny that i promise to take of a picture of. their friend jane came over for dinner and took an adorable picture of thalia. i will start bugging martha to get it from her.
heading back to michigan this's insanity.
much love and some sleep,
c, c, and t

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