Wednesday, June 18, 2008

quick update

hello! i hope you are having a good week. i am not going to lie...this week has been tough for me. but the silver lining is that at the end of it, chris and i get to take a vacation to panama! i am getting more and more excited about the trip. and yiayia is getting more and more excited about coming to watch thalia while we are gone. perhaps i will give her my log-in information and she can share a little of her adventures next week! we shall see.

anyway, thalia is growing and changing and learning every day. she is strong enough to spend some time in her exersaucer yes, she is sitting in it backwards but the back is higher than the front so it gives her a little more support. she loves grabbing at the toys.

thalia is also improving her aiming skills. she loves pulling her pacifier out. usually she gets upset and we have to grab it. but the past few days she has been able to get it back in her mouth if she hangs on to it. it takes a couple tries but i'm impressed!

she has really been laughing a lot lately too. i will have to see if i can get it on video. it is the funniest thing. yesterday when i left for work she was just squealing with delight at herself. i was cracking up. it was definitely hard to leave!

we went and visited chris' great-grandma a couple weeks ago. her health has been declining a bit recently but she is nearly 100 years old! she had a lot of fun with the baby though. this is grandma donna first introducing thalia to her great-great-grandma. this is 5 generations of chris' dad's side of the family.
thalia is still sleeping through the night for the most part. the past couple nights she has fussed a bit around 4am but i just give her her pacifier and she will sleep until 6. i am trying to stay awake after i feed her and workout on our new elliptical. i did it this am i out of shape. i guess that is what happens after not working out for an entire year! i'll build my endurance back up though.
other than that, we are just playing a lot and trying to spend time with aunt nikki since she is headed off to san diego after we get back from panama. thank goodness for webcams! (and already planned family vacations!)
well, its off to work for me. hope you have a wonderful day.
much love and a little more sleep,
c, c, and t

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