Monday, June 2, 2008

Big Update

Memorial Weekend Trip
Whew! May is finally over! What a crazy busy month! We had a lot of fun though!! As I hinted to, I took Thalia on her first plane ride to go see yiayia and papou for memorial weekend. She did totally awesome on the planes! We only had a 20 minute layover on the way there which gave me just enough time to find the gate and change the baby’s diaper while she screamed because she was hungry. I looked ridiculous trying to feed her and carry her, her blanket, the front-carrier, the diaper bag, and her burp cloth! But we made it! Yiayia and papou had a wonderful time showing Thalia off to all of their friends. They just ate her up! Thalia saw her first hot air balloons and made her first trip to Sonic! We also went to Santa Fe and checked out all the super fancy art galleries on Canyon Road. Yiayia said she likes going there because she isn’t tempted to buy anything…could have something to do with the fact that the cheapest piece I saw was $2600!!! But there were some cool (and some bizarre) works of art there. We also got Thalia’s three month pictures taken when we were out there. They don’t come in until the middle of June, so yiayia is going to bring them with her when she comes out so we can go to Panama. So if you want one, be sure to let us or her know and we can bring them by!

The way home got a little hairy when I found out we had to make a stop in Denver that I didn’t know about. But Thalia slept through the whole thing and we made it to Chicago fine. And everything was going fine…I even got to eat something! Then as we were in line to board the plane, I put my hand on Thalia’s leg and it was all sticky. Yep…Chris’ daughter had pooped while in the front carrier and the poop traveled out of the diaper and down her leg! So I jump out of line to change her, which required a near full wardrobe change (thank God my diaper bag had a plastic zippered pouch for nasty clothes!) and of course there weren’t many people on the plane, so it boarded in like 5 minutes! The lady at the gate made an announcement that everyone headed to Detroit should be on board the plane and I was definitely still changing the baby! So once again I scoop everything up and run to make it on time. But everyone on all the planes was really nice and super helpful! And the only time Thalia cried was after the two longer flights and that was only because she was hungry! In fact, an older gentleman told me he gets that way (fussy) when he is hungry too! Overall, it was a great, and much needed, trip!! Thanks yiayia and papou!!

Other Milestones
Thalia has really been expanding her horizons and abilities lately! Aside from her first plane rides and seeing her first hot air balloon and Sonic, Thalia has really been honing her grasping skills! She can hold on to almost anything…fingers, stuffed animals, drug pens! She is getting so strong and can hold her head and shoulders up when you lay her on her belly. She holds her head up when you pull her up from laying down. She started rubbing her eyes over this past weekend…it was so cute! And the biggest accomplishment happened today…I told Chris we should practice rolling over. Thalia can roll onto her side if she is on her back, but I recently read that babies can roll from their belly to back before they can do it the other way. So I laid a blanket on the floor and put her on her belly. And wouldn’t you know it, less than a minute later, SHE DID IT!!! I think she scared herself that first time because her eyes got really big. So we cheered and clapped and the baby laughed and we put her back on her belly to see if she could do it again…and she did!!! That time she looked like a pro though. Chris was able to record it on his phone and we are working with yiayia to get it online so you can all see it! That and more pictures to come very soon.

And to wrap up, we have a few praises we want to sing about…
- Congratulations to Aunt Nikki and Uncle Toby again on getting married! We love you guys!!
- Congratulations to Hendo and Lauren on getting married, too! The wedding was great! We love you guys too!
- Congratulations to Boris and Julie on the birth of their adorable son Keegan!
- Congratulations to Kristin on the birth of her also adorable son Ethan! (geez thalia has a lot of boyfriends to choose from!!!)

Have a great week! Much love and actually a good amount of sleep…c, c, and t

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Rob, Leticia, Madisyn & Landon said...

Hey babe! Thanks for keeping us west-siders up-to-speed :) Can't wait to see you in just over a week!