Sunday, May 18, 2008

Stories Galore!! (written Friday)

I know, I know…it has been EONS since I updated this blog. Does ‘I am a busy working mother’ work for an excuse? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Well, you try being a brand new mom, going back to work to launch a new drug, while putting all the last minute touches on your sister’s wedding, THEN spending three days away from your newborn in Chicago!! Needless to say it’s been a busy couple of weeks. I had planned on updating this in Chicago but we were working 10 hour days and didn’t get back to the hotel before 11:30 each night I was there. And since I have been home, my internet has been out. But I decided that no more roadblocks would get in my way…you deserve an updated blog, darn it!! So I am typing this in Word (hence the proper capitalization, etc.) and I will copy and paste it after the Comcast guy comes in the morning.

So much has happened lately…I’ll try to keep all the stories brief. (And hopefully I will have a picture to go along with each of the stories.)

YiaYia and Papou’s Big Adventure – YiaYia and Papou were here for nearly three weeks and helped Chris watch Thalia while I was at work. They were supposed to leave right after the wedding but they extended their stay so they could help out while I was in Chicago. One of the first times that they took Thalia out on their own, they forgot to grab the diaper bag! And of course Thalia had a massive true-to-form Phillips blowout!! So they had to go to CVS and get diapers and wipes. And of course the poop leaked onto her clothes and since there was no diaper bag, there was no change of clothes!! Luckily YiaYia had grabbed a receiving blanket before they left so she made Thalia a toga to wear on the way home!! Here’s a picture!

Thalia’s Dedication – The Sunday before Nikki’s wedding was Thalia’s dedication at our church. It is kind of like Catholic baptism, sort of. We have dedication first and then baptism later on, like Catholic confirmation. Ken did a wonderful job and had a really nice message about raising Thalia in the church and all the encouragement we have. In all my years going to our church and all the dedications I have seen, I have never seen a dedication where the congregation clapped. But when Ken announced that Chris and I would be dedicating Thalia, the whole church started clapping!! It was ridiculous. OH MY GOSH! I CAN’T BELIEVE I ALMOST FORGOT THE BEST PART!!! I had this really cute outfit picked out for the dedication but didn’t want it to get poop all over it, so I changed her just before service started. And she did fine, until we got on stage! Of course the second we got up in front of everyone, Thalia has a super loud and really stinky poop!! I swore Ken’s mic picked it up but I guess no one else heard it. Well, while Ken is saying this really nice message, the baby keeps pooping!! Then Ken goes to take her so that he can pray over her and I am freaking out that the poop had leaked all over her outfit and that either everyone was going to see it on her outfit, or even worse, that it was going to be all over MY outfit! Luckily, neither of those things happened and Ken made it through the prayer without crying. Like I keep saying, she is definitely a Phillips!!

Nikki’s Wedding – As if graduating with a doctorate degree didn’t get enough attention, Dr. Nikki got married last Saturday. It was a beautiful wedding! Nikki’s friend made all of the bridesmaids beautiful jewelry and she made the most perfect necklace for Nikki! We all looked smoking hot in our black halter-top, tea length dresses. Thalia even had a black and cream dress to match the wedding party! She was adorable. YiaYia made her the cutest little maryjane booties! Lots more pictures to come!

Milestone Updates – Thalia has made huge leaps in her development lately. She will be 12 weeks tomorrow! Can you believe it?! Maybe it’s because I was gone for the first three days of this week but she has gotten SO BIG!! She is so strong and holds herself up really well. Papou spent a few days working with her and now when you hold her in front of you, she will straighten her legs and support herself for a short time. She is really starting to reach out and grab things lately. Here are pictures of her playing tug-of-war with YiaYia and a paper towel. She didn’t let go for about 20 minutes!! She is even starting to reach up for the toys that hang from her floor gym! It’s pretty incredible. She is working on rolling over too! Yesterday when I got home from work, I put her on her playmat, and she nearly rolled all the way over. She can get her hips around and then arches her head back. I bet in the next couple weeks she’ll figure it out! She has been sleeping great! She will go down around 9 or so and wake up between 3 and 4 to eat and then again between 6 and 7 when I get up anyway! We are very lucky and blessed!

Speaking of blessed, I have a fantastic praise to share. My friends Andrew and Erin, who lost their son Basil in November, are expecting again!! Please join me in sending lots of prayers their way for a safe and healthy pregnancy, and peace for them in hoping for a better outcome.

I think that is all I can think of for now. I am sure tomorrow will bring more. And I will try hard to at least do weekly updates. Oh, did you see the new picture in the right corner? Aunt Steph got that hippo for Thalia the day she was born and we have been taking a picture of her by it every month. So each month a new picture will be up there so you can see how fast Thalia is growing.

Hope you have a great weekend!! Much love and little sleep (I got less sleep in Chicago than I do with the baby!!) --c, c, and t

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