Monday, May 5, 2008

lots of doctors...

don't worry, the baby is fine! but man have a lot of doctors been around lately! the most important doctor that we have seen the past week has been...AUNT NIKKI!!! or should we say, DOCTOR NIKKI!!! that's right. aunt nikki graduated from wayne state on wednesday with a doctorate of pharmacy degree. she looked awesome!! with her poofy cap and poofy gown. much, much fancier than a lowly undergrad outfit! and of course the family hooted and hollered and made fools of ourselves because we were so proud! and since nikki, sorry...dr. nikki, was the second person to get her diploma, we definitely set the standard for appropriate yelling ;o) it was a ton of fun. i really am totally proud of her for all the hard work she has done the past couple of years! way to go dr. nikki!!
the second doctor we saw recently was the pediatrician for thalia's two month check up. can you believe that?! she weighed in at a hefty (for me anyway!) 11lbs 0.5oz and measured 21.75 inches! way to grow baby!! she got her first round of shots, and both of us survived! it was a little traumatic but we pulled through. and thalia passed her checkup with flying colors! and of course the whole office thinks she is just beautiful! her next checkup is the beginning of july. i'll keep you posted.
thirdly, i have been seeing a lot of doctors since going back to work. this is the start of my third week back and so far it has been going pretty well. i had a ton of computer work to catch up on but i finally got all caught up on friday and now i can focus on just selling instead of worrying about getting everything else done! the doctors and office staff of coures are delighted to see pictures of the baby! some have even offered to take her for a day :o) it has been really nice having people care that i am back and work and being so excited for us and the baby. makes being away a little easier. but daddy has been doing a great job taking care of thalia while i am away. he does have some help from time to time from aunt bethie so he and chris martin can practice. and thalia does great with her. i don't think she really cares who holds her as long as she is the center of attention!
well, many more updates to pictures, thalia's dedication, yiayia and papou's big adventure...better stay tuned!!
love you all,
c, c, and t

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