Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Busy Busy!

alright uncle bobert and diane! time to get off my back - here is your update! ;o)

we have been so busy - i know i say that all the time but it's true. in april, chris or i were traveling 17 of the 30 days. in may, it is 25 of 31. 25! the only time that chris, thalia, and i will all be in our house at the same time in may will be next week, monday through friday. that's it! isn't that nutty?! it's okay though. thalia and i got to spend almost a week in ABQ with yiayia and papou, AND we get to spend 2 weeks in michigan in may, which is fantastic; AND iamdynamite is doing really well on its mini-tour. luckily i am finally starting to feel better! we'll see if it lasts...with thalia there was about a month where i felt great, and then it was back to misery the last two. i guess this would be a good time to give you a coco update:

here is baby coco - 25 1/2 weeks along! time is both flying by and standing still. i was laughing at myself after i took this picture and i realized it still hasn't fully sunk in that i am going to have another baby. i know - duh! probably due to the fact that it took us so long to get preggers - just isn't real yet. i am really starting to feel coco kick and wiggle. i noticed earlier this week that you can see her (oh yeah, did i tell you? we're having another girl) kick - my belly moves now! too funny. as far as i know, everything is progressing fine. i have to do my glucose test next week to test for gestational diabetes - not expecting anything to come from that. OH! on a funny note, it was recommended to me yesterday that i put coco's name down for needing day care in NOVEMBER! apparently the infant room at thalia's school has a waiting list for the rest of the summer, so i need to put coco's name on a list somewhere so that she has a spot when i go back to work 6 months from now! too funny - i feel like i am on a sitcom!!

alright, enough about me - i'm sure you want to hear about thalia. my little ham has definitely been keeping me laughing and on my toes. we have been having a lot of fun, just us girls...but every morning she asks where her daddy is. it's too cute. yesterday we played in the rain:

it has been storming off and on for the past few days and she loves to just stand out there in the rain and run around.

last weekend we went and picked strawberries. what a blast - it actually held her attention longer than i expected! at this point she was just getting into it, but not really convinced she was having a good time. after a few sweet strawberry sneaks, she was ALL about it: if you look closely, you can see strawberry juice running down her arm AND down her neck!

alrighty, that's all i have time to update for now. new hippo picture, and a slideshow of our travels on its way soon!

much love and some sleep,

c, c, and t

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