Thursday, December 17, 2009

fun with yiayia and papou

my how time flies! i will say from the get that this has been a much better week. i was getting really tired of feeling junky and stressed and blah. but this week has been slightly calmer and chris has been doing a fantastic job putting things away...and over the past few days he has hung most of our pictures, which is really helping this place feel more like our own.
last weekend, yiayia and papou came to help us. what a joy! we moved the wall bar and got almost all the painting done! (i say "we" but mostly what i did was leave and go to work) i'm really starting to feel very good about living here. so many funny things happened while yiayia and papou were here...i'll have to try to remember all of them.
this is us having lunch at sam's club...fancy, i know! thalia is wearing a new outfit from her favorite gigi...with her ugg boots from yiayia. i think its adorable! while we were here, thalia showed yiayia her soda game. basically if i ask thalia if she would like some soda, she says "no! pop!" but if chris asks her is she would like some pop, she'll say "no! soda!" it's hi-larious!!
thalia also got to open an early christmas present from yiayia - real john deere boots! they are the cutest things. so this is thalia showing them off. how awesome are they?! i guess this is our second official house picture. this is our new playset. the weather was somewhat warm so yiayia took thalia out and they swung on the swing. thalia is getting much better about swinging. she likes the bumpy slide too. i think we need to replace the roof...but we can wait til spring.

i just realized i don't have many pictures of papou and thalia! we'll have to work on that in january when everyone comes back down here.
after quite the rough week last week with thalia's fevers and sleeping with us almost every night, we are heading into day 3 of sleeping through the night without even a peep! actually, we are still working on a better night routine. right now she still wants to stay up and play with daddy. but the nice thing is that i have been able to get ready for work and leave without having to worry about waking thalia up and getting her ready. i think chris has taken her to school every day this week. what a huge difference that has made! mornings are so much easier with chris here. thanks babe! love you!
alright, its already late and i need to go get my car inspected tomorrow. totally lame...but we are saving over $1000 a year in car insurance! so i guess it evens out.
much much love and much much sleep,
c, c, and t

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