Saturday, October 24, 2009

had to share!

thalia, chris, and i met up with aunt steffie and uncle barrett and went out to dinner with our aunt and uncle in royal oak last night. we had a really nice time. throughout the meal, thalia was taking her napkin and wiping up water that she had spilled on the table while she was drinking (she is a mini papou!). toward the end of the meal, she turned and saw the wall was dirty (quite scuffed and nicked), so barrett turned her high chair around and she started WIPING THE WALLS of the restaurant!!! in this first picture she is very concerned about the condition of the wall:

then there is this one...i told her to say "cheese" and this is the face she made while she said it!
i can't stop laughing looking at it! hope it brightens your day too!

here is one from our flight home the other night. somehow all of thalia's lovies ended up in the car...well then of course we had to take them ALL on the plane!
monkey, kitty cat, and blanket...all along for the ride
much love and quite a bit more sleep,
c, c, and t

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