Monday, July 6, 2009

funny story

ok, no sydney pictures quite yet...i am working on it though! but i had to tell you a funny story from this afternoon. needless to say my first day back at work was crazy. thalia transitioned back into school much easier than i transitioned back to work. there are a lot of things going on both actually at work and potentially at work. these two things, plus still not being caught up on my sleep, led to a very grouchy claire. oh well, not many people were there today to witness it.

anyway, i get to thalia's daycare and walked into the playroom where thalia usually is in the afternoon. today she happened to be on the other side of the room. as soon as she saw me, she yelled "MOMMY!!" and started running toward me. now, i must interrupt myself to tell you that thalia just started saying mommy and daddy right before we left for vacation. before then it was just mama and dada. so today was the very first day that i was greeted with an enthusiastic MOMMY! anyway, as i walked in, so did another mom. so her son starts running for her. the two of them met at a bottleneck of toys and bam! ran right into each other! they both slid onto the carpet and looked up so bewildered! then they each got up, brushed themselves off and ran to each of us. it was the cutest, funniest thing i have ever seen. i wish i had it on video. just the "MOMMY!" itself was enough to brighten my whole day.

hope you had a bright day. pics to come soon, i promise.
much love and a bit more sleep,
c, c, and t

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