Tuesday, December 16, 2008

feeling better

what a day i had today! it isn't worth getting into...the important thing is that i am doing much better now that i got to snuggle with thalia for a little bit and that once she went to bed, i got a bunch of chores done.
sharing pictures of her makes me really happy too so lucky you get to benefit from my bad day :o) all of these are from our thanksgiving trip to see aunt dr. nikki and uncle toby in san diego.
yia yia tried to make thalia knee guards so thalia's knees wouldn't get rug burned...as you can see, they turned out to be more like leg warmers. good effort yiayia!
ask aunt steph what happened when she was messing with thalia's cheerios!!
daddy likes to give thalia things she shouldn't have...i think he gets it from grandpa (frosty anyone?)
obviously thalia doesn't mind!
thalia figured out how to pick up two cups in one hand! so proud!!
among my daughter's other talents...we taught her how to wave! although she waves with her arm straight out like she is in a parade! cracks me up every time
uncle toby had fake poop on the ground and of course chris' daughter found it and put it in her mouth. the boys thought it was hilarious
thalia did NOT like the feeling of the sand. i'll have to get the other picture from papou...the water was cold too. i love this picture though! she is so funny.
speaking of papou...they got to spend a lot of time together that weekend. there are some precious pics...
hope you enjoyed that!
much love and a bit more sleep (and almost the end of my week!)
c, c, t

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