Saturday, November 15, 2008

boring update

hey all,
not much to report but i know some of you need to read something :o) i will lead off with the fact that it is currently 76 degrees in NC :oP sorry 'boutcha michigan! how's that snow?!

the weather is about the only bright thing going on. thalia is pretty sick. she has a terrible cough and was up most of the night. i guess the good thing is that she has had to cough all week and last night was the first night it kept us up. she is also hvaing a rough time teething. she has been crawling around with her monkey's paw in her mouth all weekend just chewing on it. i have been giving her her frozen teething rings and her juice cup. she likes to chew on the spout and hopefully the juice will help loosen her cough (yeah right).
i had a pretty rough week at work. just a lot of drama and working with outside people that do not share the same intensity or work ethic. the good news is that i have gotten to know a couple of the people i work with really well this week. so even though this week stunk, i am still really happy with my decision to come down here.

that's about all that's going on here. i went to the mall earlier and thalia was not having it. she kept taking her socks and shoes off and flipping around in her stroller...ugh! but we came back and she took a nap and we had some lunch. this afternoon i am going to the dollar store to make shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. its something that my church in michigan does, and as it turns out, the church i found down here does it too! i am excited to do that but we will see how much i get done with thalia crawling around trying to put all the toys in her mouth!

here's a picture for the road.
hope you all are staying warm and having a great weekend! only one more week and i get to spend the week in michigan and then off to san diego. we can't wait!!

much love and no sleep,
c, c, and t

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