Monday, October 6, 2008


just wanted to let you know that it is 7:15 pm and it is 80 degrees here :o) sorry 'boutcha!!

anyway, thought i might put some new pics up here. things have been up and down this past week. thalia is either having night terrors or her teething is waking her up in the middle of the night. at first i thought it was her teeth but the more i think about it, i think it is night terrors. she has been getting up every couple hours and sitting up in her crib. Sometimes she will go right back down if i give her her pacifier. other times she just screams for a while. it is really frustrating and exhausting. i haven't slept well in a number of nights. oh well. hopefully this will pass soon.

thalia got to see her daddy this weekend. it was really nice having chris here. we just hung out and played with thalia. we did do a little shopping which was nice; it's tough having to try to manuever the jeep stroller into fitting rooms when i am by myself! let me tell you is much easier when i leave detroit!! poor chris has it hard both ways. at least when i leave detroit i am on a mission...i have to go through security and catch my flight and hold thalia. last night when chris left, he just walked out and i was left in my apartment. :o( i think the next couple weeks are going to be hard. this will be the longest we have gone without seeing each other in a long time. it's a bummer but we are dealing with it and trusting that things will work out in one way or another.

ok, enough mopey are the pics.

look how proud this little hot dog is!!

this is thalia's first taste at a teething biscuit. that is the biscuit in her mouth (and all over for that matter) NOT HER TONGUE!!!

thalia's first kitchen sink bath. is it me, or is there always something in her mouth?

oh yeah...why waste time with that kneeling nonsense?! i'll just stand up! this girl is standing up all over the place. i tried to get a video today but it didn't come out. i will try again tomorrow.

hope you enjoyed! more to come soon! thanks for all your love and support and prayers. chris and i really do appreciate it.

much love and no sleep,
c, c, and t

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Dykema's said...

I seriously cannot believe how big she is! I hope she starts sleeping better for you... I can't imagine how difficult that can be when you're by yourself! You are amazing! We miss you!!!