Monday, August 25, 2008

oh my goodness!!!

so i have to share a super funny story with, this started a little while ago when my mom was here in july visiting father jerry. when my mom fed thalia her cereal, she would say "mmmm" after she put the cereal in thalia's mouth. so thalia started mimicing yiayia and saying "mmm" too.
now we are trying to give her cereal twice a day. usually that means chris feeds her once and i feed her once. lately to get thalia to open her mouth, he'll say "ahhhhh" until she does it back to him. then after he puts the cereal in her mouth he'll say "mmmmm". well today i was feeding thalia her dinner and before i even could have the spoon ready she would make an "ahhh" sound!! and the cereal would hardly be in her mouth before she was making an "mmm" sound! then she thought she was pretty smart because she starting going "ahhmmmmm" all at once :o) she does it for every bite! and every once in a while it will be a super emphatic "MMMM"...i am laughing thinking about it!!
and even more funny is that she does the "mmm" sound when she takes her first bite of cereal which always makes her grimace! just imagine a grossed out face saying "mmmm" is hilarious!
i am going to try to see if i can get chris to get the whole thing on tape so you can laugh too...i'll keep you posted!

much love and more laughter! c, c, and t

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