Thursday, July 10, 2008

The BIG One!

I know, I know. You are dying for an update! Well, here it is. And let me tell has been a crazy whirlwind since we went on our trip. Being gone for a week was hard enough! Then I came back to a four day work week that needed to include a day for new product training and a training presentation at a sales meeting! Not to mention getting packed to head up north! Yikes. My poor family - we had no food, no clean clothes! But things are starting to turn around and we did make it to the grocery store - more on that to come - and I did start to make a dent in the laundry situation. So now, on with the updates...

thalia updates
four month checkup

yes, you read that correctly. thalia is four months old! i can't believe it. but she definitely looks four months old. her four month hippo picture will be up shortly (hopefully before she turns 5 months!) so i had (another!) sales meeting on monday so chris took the baby to her appointment all by himself. thalia weighs just over 13lbs (50th percentile) and i am not sure how long she is but her length is in the 90th percentile for babies her age! i think that is super funny! although, she has always had a long torso because her onesies were always kinda short on her. anyway, she got another round of shots but survived. and we can start feeding her rice cereal whenever we want. we did actually buy some on our grocery trip...and some of those rubber-tipped spoons, too! now we just have to find the time to introduce it! we'll probably give it a try this weekend. i'll let you know how it goes...and probably have a picture or two to show you.

we finally put thalia to sleep in her nursery on tuesday night. she had been sleeping nearly through the night before we left for panama but i didn't want to change too many things before she spent the week without us. then last week i was too busy and tired to pay attention and put her in her nursery instead of her bassinet. she has woken up at 2:30 both nights. the first time i fed her because she was crying but last night i just gave her her pacifier. i think she just doesn't know where she is yet. our monitors work great though! i was kinda afraid i wouldn't hear her. chris doesn't seem to hear her yet but he hasn't been sleeping very well lately so i think when he is asleep, he is sound asleep.

traveling babe
thalia has been doing a lot of traveling lately. we went up to see her great-grandparents just before we went to panama. what a fun day that was! here are some cute pics from that trip.

great-grandpa doesn't like holding thalia because then he can't see her funny faces!! :o)

thalia also took her first trip up to our cottage on hubbard lake. she had a lot of fun and everyone that went had a lot of fun with her. she did pretty well, though she didn't appreciate the ride home very much. but we all survived and can't wait to head back up for labor day!
(the boat was in the hoist...relax!)

family updates
i know you really only want to hear about the baby, but it is my blog and i am going to give you other updates!
aunt nikki made it (finally!) out to san diego with uncle toby. they already found a place to live within their price range which is really exciting. aunt nikki takes her Rx law exam tomorrow so we are all crossing our fingers (even though we know she is going to do awesome!) we are going to head out there for thanksgiving and spend the long weekend with them. it will be great to see them, although we will see them once or twice before then.
mahoney is crossing their fingers that they get a new management team next week. after a ridiculous six months, they have split from their original management company and are going to have a conference call with a new group next week. hopefully they can get into the studio in august and get the ball rolling again on getting a record deal. we are also hoping that the labels that were interested a few months ago are still interested.

well i think that is it. sorry if i missed anything. my next update won't take me nearly as long, i promise. and check out the pics from panama on the right if you haven't already. the trip wasn't what we expected, but it was nice to get away and panama is a fascinating country! take care!

much love and less sleep,
c, c, and t

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